Harness Your Communication Prowess

Get an edge over others by Harnessing Your Communication Skills

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” Anthony Robbins

You have been eagerly waiting for this day – the biggest client meet of your life. Or A New Product You want to launch, or telling about the services that you offer, if you can crack the deal and convince your client, your business will get ahead in the competition. You are ready with your presentation, facts, and figures, but can you present them in the right way? Are you confident to handle queries that clients will be throwing at you?  Is Your body and your gestures telling the same story as your words….This is where your Communication skill will play a vital role.

The importance of communication skills

Of all the life skills, being able to communicate is the most important as it influences all aspects of our lives. From personal relationships to professional growth, from delivering a new idea, negotiating with clients, persuading customers to buy your product or service to giving instructions to your teammates, the secret of personal and professional success depends on your Communication Skills.

We need communication skills to pass information, gain knowledge, and foster trust. Good communication skills enable us to converse with compassion and create long-lasting relationships.

Learning effective communication helps in increasing productivity and building better rapport with customers. It teaches us to speak concisely, avoid misunderstandings and get more done within a short time.

However, good communication is not only about speaking but it involves your gestures and body language also. If you want to improve your communication skill, you have to work on your verbal and non-verbal communication.

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” – Peter Drucker

Quick Tips On How to improve your Communication Skill

  • Do you know what stops most people from communicating rightly? Lack of Clarity. Communication involves a process that helps transform Thoughts  to Ideas and Ideas to Pitches. Yes, people fear that they are not articulate enough or are not presentable and this shows when they start communicating. So, Clarity of Thought is the first thing that they have to focus on.
  • Listening intently and paying attention will also help you to learn a lot. Letting the other person complete his speech and not interfering is one of the first rules of good communication skills.
  • Choosing the right words and using proper tone will make you an effective communicator.
  • You also have to sustain a proper posture and maintain eye contact with your viewers when conveying your ideas.
  • Always remember to use positive words to make a strong impression.

Learn Communication Skills from the Best Of The Best in the industry

My experience as an anchor and trainer has given me huge exposure in understanding the problems people face due to a lack of communication skills.

I have met people who are extremely capable and dynamic but they lack the necessary communication skills, (sometimes verbal and mostly non verbal) to convince & persuade clients. In spite of having the required skill and qualification, they may lag behind due to their interactive prowess. And in today’s age of stiff competition, you cannot spend years developing your communication skills.

Anybody can benefit from these trainings… especially entrepreneurs like exhibitors, make up artists, small scale business owners, designers, manufacturers, retailers, shop owners… if your field requires you to interact with people, then you must gain expertise in the art of communication.

It is always better to hire a trainer and get ahead in your professional life. It is imperative that you learn from the best to get the maximum advantage.

When it comes to choosing a personal development trainer, the best choice would be someone with enough years of experience rather than a certification.

I have on-hand experience in communication as an anchor, model, actor, and entertainer. I have hosted hundreds of events and know how to address the public and grab their attention. I have been actively involved in corporate launches and have brands like Apple, Samsung, Mercedes, Audi, and Oppo associated with my name. As The Presenter for these huge corporate launches, I have met many influential people from whom I have learned the art of communicating.

So, as a trainer, I use this experience to teach the basics of communication also how to tackle real-life situations.

As a mentor, I help the trainees to learn advanced techniques and implement these in real life. I start from building confidence and impart the best training in communication skills that will make you a leader in your field.

So, if you feel you are lacking in communication and need to brush up your skill, contact me and we can start immediately to teach you all the tips and tricks of effective communication and ensure your success in both personal and professional spheres.

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