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Master Class

Sonali Gupta, a renowned anchor, actor and entertainer, with career spanning over last 15 years. She has been a name to reckon with in the world of events. She has been representing many prestigious brands at their official product launches, media events and conferences. She is a lethal combination of confidence, intelligence, elegance, spontaneity, witt and humour. She is a global artist and has performed in over 30 countries.

I have been lucky enough to interact with people from CEOs to company employees, dealt with families, students, to dealers. I strongly believe that having strong and effective communication skills, a strong memory and grooming is the need for the hour for every individual. We spend almost 20 years our lives in school and then college just learning information from textbooks but no one teaches us the art to represent ourselves, talk with confidence, combat nervousness and anxiety and overall self growth.

Sonali Gupta - Master Class
Sonali Gupta - Master Class (Enroll)

Master Class 2020

After the Grand success of our First Master Class, we are happy to announce that our next Master Class is coming soon. Stay tuned for dates and location.

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Why Attend Master Class?

Is a fun and interactive workshop for individuals who are aiming for personal growth and success in all spheres of life.

To be successful one need to have strong 3 C’s


Communication : learn to tap in to the power of communication. It is time to use it your advantage and influence people to respond and behave in a way that benefits you.


Confidence : it is a skill and by practising the right techniques repetitively, you can master the art of self confidence.
Confidence is a pre requisite for success and growth.


Character : it is what you do and how you behave when no one is watching. It’s a true reflection of yourself. Your actions define your character. No, one cannot fake it. It’s a beautiful harmony of mind, body and soul. It encompasses Body Language, Grooming, and Etiquette’s.

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