7 Seconds to Success

Have You ever been in a situation where Someone walks in the room and you know this is the right person for the job. you can feel their passion and commitment?

or you met the person an you felt you could fall in love?

or in a situation where someone is saying something and your gut says “this is not true.. he/she doesn’t mean what they are saying”

I certainly have been there more than a few times.

so Whats the Secret?
The Secret to this is hidden in a Magic Language. A language, we all understand instinctively but if we intentionally learn this language, imagine the power & the insight it will give us to read and judge people. We will be able to make better judgements and decisions in our professional and personal life.

Now lets see “ What makes Barack Obama a successful leader?” His warm smile, confident strides, restrained hand movements, and straight posture made him look capable and dependable. Of course, he is a good orator but it is these gestures that made people respect him and follow him. In other words, his Body Language has played a vital role in making him a great leader.

We know that communication is crucial for us to connect with others. While all our life we have considered verbal or spoken words to be the main tenet of conversation, in reality, non-verbal cues accounts for most of it. According to a study, 7% of our communications are verbal while 93% non-verbal of which body language constitutes a major chunk.

But what is body language? It is a combination of gestures, movements, and postures. It also includes the way we talk, move, and look.

Body language helps us to conveys messages that we want the viewers to receive. The right body language makes us look confident and approachable.

They say “First Impression is The Last Impression”

Body language plays a vital role in creating your image. Whether you are negotiating with a client, selling a new idea or a product or appearing for an interview, your body language can determine your success. When you have the right body language that makes people interested, you will find it easier to influence them.

In the workplace, it is important to have a positive body language to achieve your career goals. Do you know how much time it takes to create the first impression? Only 7 seconds and it heavily depends on your body language. Imagine going on stage for a presentation or entering a conference room to face your investors – within the first seven seconds of your appearance, the audience will form their impression.

If you are in a leadership position, your success will depend on how you communicate your ideas to clinch deals, win negotiations, and come out as a strong leader. Needless to say, your body language, like the way you shake hands, maintain eye contact, position your body, and move your hands will make you appear as a credible and trustworthy leader.

Today, leadership skills are very important to move ahead in our careers. Companies look for employees who can assume leadership roles to face corporate challenges. If you possess good communication skill you can outwit your competitors easily.

Not only on professional front, your body language can also help you create better personal relations and also have a great friend circle.

Tap Into The Power Of Your Body Language
Many of us are not aware of the way we stand or move our hands when we converse and the impact they create. However, if you are learning how to improve your communication skills and realise that your body language is not that energetic or positive, there is no reason to lose heart. Like many things, you can learn to appear confident and reliable. Follow these tips to alter body language.


  • Be aware of how you appear to your viewers. The way you tilt your head, hold your hands, smile, or look at your audience will give you hints about what to change.
  • Maintain eye contact when speaking or listening. This will make you look interested.
  • Give a firm handshake (be gentle with women) while smiling and hold the gaze. The handshake should be as warm and firm as your partner’s.
  • Smile while talking and watch out your tone when replying


  • Putting your hands in your pockets while talking makes you appear bored.
  • Having your hands crossed over your chest is a sign of being Defensive and not being open to suggestions.

Follow these tips and analyse the changes you observe in people around you. With more practice and awareness, you can master the skill that will make you an invincible leader in your field.

Remember “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” ~ Peter F. Drucker

I hope this brings some light on the essence of working on this Secret Magic Language

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